Kaijudo Saturday Reunion & Cube Building Event 2017

Do you miss Kaijudo…. Wish you still played…. Well dig in the closet, get out your old decks and bring them to Comic Quest for a Reunion of the Retro Kaijudo game.. So here is our plain.After Gen Con playing in the Championship event we decided we want to build a Kaijudo Cube… 1 of every card made in it…. So the first gathering will be all of us getting together, getting our card out and begin building our cup. Once our cube is built and sleeved then once we month we will gather to draft from the cup and have some fun playing a game we all loved. No fees, no packs, just players who loved the game of Kaijudo gettting together, hanging out and playing…

That’s right a fun day with your old Kaijudo crew playing a game you loved..

No entry fees, no prizes just friends hanging out playing old card from a game they loved to play..

Join us on the Kaijudo Reunion Day


Nov 04 2017


Comic Quest Evansville
Comic Quest Evansville Evansville IN United States 47711