Legend of the Five Rings Stonghold Tournament

The Elemental role for each clan has been chosen for the Toshi Rando Season -from Nov. 2017 to Nov. 2018. Now, the clans will compete for control of Comic Quest, the stronghold of our community.

Entry fee: $5.00

Rounds will be based on the Basic structure chart found in the Tournament Regulations document at www.fantasyflightgames.com/l5r/ , based on the number of players that attend our event. We do not cut to elimination rounds, even if it is listed in the Tournament Regulations.

Swiss rounds

Each player is given a copy of their clan’s role card. (if there are more than six players for any given clan, then we will give the top six players for that clan a copy of their clan’s role card.

We will give the Top Three Players from each clan a copy of their clan’s champion card.

Afterwards we will announce the triumphant clan and use the clan poster available and post it on the L5R website to theme Comic Quest around the clan.


Mar 31 2018


Comic Quest Evansville
Comic Quest Evansville Evansville IN United States 47711