MTG Ixalan Midnight Prerelease Lock-In Event

Here it is our first Ixalan Prerelease..

This is our Midnight event and the store will be done as a “Lock-In” and event will start at 12:01am

**You might ask what makes Comic Quest Prerelease the one to attend. Here is why

1. We are the only one who gives a Voucher for FREE Pizza/Drink but also a FREE Ixalan booster pack the following Friday on release date.. The voucher alone is a great value.

2. We give a choice of any of our MTG Holiday Guft Box to one lucky winner right before the event starts…

3. For every 25 players in attendance 1 lucky winner will win a FROM THE VAULT BOX based on attendance to lucky winner(s)…

4. Door prizes; we do more door prizes at every prerelease and every time the value is over $1000 in prizes for the whole prerelease weekend.
Comic Quest is the place to play your Aether Revolt Prerelease

Format: Sealed
Entry: $30
All Prerelease’s are done as 4 rounds and done then go by standings (this may be a little different for 2HG and attendance
Prizes Pool:

1 x Ixalan booster pack awarded for each win but everyone else in attendance receives 1 booster pack.

Each player registering will once again receive Comic Quests Prerelease voucher!

The voucher is good for 1 Free Pack of Ixalan the day of release and a pizza slice / drink combo the night of.

The Magic Ixalan Pre-release offers players their first chance to crack open packs and play Sealed Deck with the new set one week prior to the official release!

**Midnight $30 – Sealed –

Booster Packs of Magic Ixalan awarded based on attendance

*Additional Prizes Based on Attendance

**2:00 PM $30/Person – Sealed – Magic Ixalan booster packs awarded

*Additional Prizes Based on Attendance

**6:00PM $30 each – 2 Headed Giant – Prizes based on attendance

Also an addition added to this prerelease weekend we will have a 2nd Midnight release Saturday after the store closes..


** 10:00am $30 -Sealed Ixalan Booster Packs awarded

SUNDAY 9/25/2016

**12:00pm $30 Sealed Ixalan Booster Packs awarded

**3:00PM $30 – Sealed – Magic Ixalan booster packs awarded

*Additional Prizes Based on Attendance

Door Prizes for all of the Prerelease events…

Join us for a week of Magic the Gathering Aether Revolt Prerelease


Sep 23 2017


Comic Quest Evansville
Comic Quest Evansville Evansville IN United States 47711