MTG Ixalan Store Championship 2017 Saturday 2:00pm

Event Type: Standard

Entry: $6.00

2 x Ixalan Booster Packs per player for prize pool

Sign-Up: 1:00 P.M. – 1:50 P.M.

Round 2 :00 P.M.

Ixalan Booster Pack Prizes for Top Cut

Store Championship is the grand finale of the competitive Magic season. It’s the season’s capstone event,here’s how it works:

Comic Quest Store Championship is a Standard event. Swiss rounds based on attendance, followed by a playoff for the Top 8 and Top 8 is Standard too.

All participants will receive a first-peek at the next set with a full-art promo card from Rivals of Ixalan. Top 8 players will be awarded an exclusive Ultra Pro deck box and the store champion will win an exclusive playmat.
1st Place:Ixalan Store Championship Playmat , Store Championship Ultra Pro Deck Box + Ixalan Packs based on attendance

2nd-8th: Limited Edition Store Championship Ultra Pro Deck Box _+ Ixalan Booster Packs based on attendance
*Each Player receives a Rivals of Ixalan Full Art Promo (While Supplies Last)

Ixalan Booster pack prizes will be based on attendance,


Dec 30 2017


Comic Quest Evansville
Comic Quest Evansville Evansville IN United States 47711