Munchkin CCG Draft Release Event Saturday

Welcome to Comic Quest First Every Munchkin CCG Draft Release Event…

Here are the details to our event;

Entry Fee: Buy Four Munchkin CCG Booster Packs per player

Each player will receive 1 Draft Hero (The Gold Wanderer Card)

Use normal draft format ; Each player opens one pack, takes one card and passes, repeat until all four packs ae drafted out.

Once drafting is complete, players are given 20 minutes to build a 30 card deck with one Hero. No cards allowed outside of the draft.

Each player may choose to use the Goldfish Wanderer OR one Hero from drafted from the packs but not both. The deck can include any or all classes, plus neutral cards. Decks are limited to three copies of any given card.

Constructed 30-card Deck is to be used from the drafted cards and a single Hero card.

Swiss Rounds based on attendance.

40 minute time limit matches

Scoring Rounds; Win or Bye -3 Pts, Draw -0 Pts and Loss: 1 Pt

Top Cut only if we have more then 9 players, 8 players or below is Standings no top cut

Every player at the end of the event will have choice between landy McBlanderson or Ferrous Oxide

Top 4 in Standing will receive 1 each Aggro-Bat

Join us for a fun day of Munchkin CCG at Comic Quest


Mar 03 2018


Comic Quest Evansville
Comic Quest Evansville Evansville IN United States 47711