Pokemon S&M Ultra Prism Sunday Prerelease & Afterdraft

Admission; $30 PRR / AFD $15 Cash Only. NO credit cards.

Welcome to The Evansville Prerelease new …Join us for the “Ultra Prism Prerelease”

This is a Pokemon Ultra Prism Prerelease or Afterdraft Event. Entry Fees are $30.00 for Prerelease (PRR) & $15.00 for Afterdraft.(AFD) Please check times and dates for each of our events to know the sign up and start times.

PLAYERS NOTICE: Please bring “CASH” (I can not express this enough. Each prerelease players bring credit card and it causes problems between store and PTO) and pay in the back gaming room when you register, We “NO” longer accept credit cards for these events. (Please remember and stop by bank or ATM ) It saves the store taxes, credit card fees and also saves time and confusion settling up with the store later.

**EVERY REGISTERED PLAYER RECEIVES 1 CUSTOM MADE BUTTON AND 1 CUSTOM MADE DICE. You will ONLY receive one of these dice if you enter the Ultra Prism Prerelease…

Prerelease’s are great events to see the new EX’s, the new trainers and new Pokemon, also a chances to trade with other players before the actual street release date. Fun filled events. Door prizes, custom dice and new cards…Now this part is new and a big change to the Pokemon Prereleases. Everyone receives the new Crimson Invasion Prerelease Deck box instead of packs. Each Deck Includes:
· 22 card Sun & Moon Ultra Prism pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets

· 4 Ultra Prism Booster Packs

· 1 of 4 alternate art promo cards

· 1 Deck building tip sheet
Each players will build their deck from this kit…

We will run 3 x 20 miniutes matches of swiss rounds. Once event ends and all players have returned their energy, each player will receive 3 more Ultra Prism Prerelease, These are fast, easy fun events to let player receive some of the new Pokemon packs before the official street date..

There will be a AFTERDRAFT Event after the Prerelease for $15.00 and you receive 1 Ultra Prism Prerelease Deck, plus there are booster pack prizes awarded for this event.

This is going to be a amazing set. Lots of fun for everyone.. Great event to have fun and hang-out with friends. Each players receives 1 Raffle Ticket for entering the Prerelease but also a 2nd Raffle Ticket for entering the Afterdraft . Then you can also get one additional raffle tickets for each $5.00 you spend at the Store and show us a receipt.

We will be doing drawings for Door Prizes for those raffle tickets. Prizes may include assorted prizes like playmats, deck boxes, binders, packs of sleeves, and maybe even some Professor exclusive items..

We also have a incentive program that if you bring a new player who enters the prerelease and they have not played in any of my prior Prereleases you will receive an additional Ultra Prism booster pack FREE for bringing a new player. What a great chance to receive a FREE booster pack before the release date. See everyone at in Evansville, Indiana at Comic Quest


Jan 21 2018


Comic Quest Evansville
Comic Quest Evansville Evansville IN United States 47711