Star Wars Destiny Empire of War Launch Event #2

Welcome to our Star Wars Destiny Empire of War Launch weekend. We will host 3 different Empire of War Launch events to give players multiple chances for prizes…

Thursday Sept 14th 6:00pm
Friday Sept 15th 6:00pm
Saturday Sept 16th 2:00pm
Sunday Sept 17th 1:00pm

For players the Launch Party will work as follows:

Star Wars Destiny: Empire at War launch event
Entry Fee: : $10 (Player that preorder an Empire at War booster box for pick up on release get free entry) spots are limited message the store to reserve your place.

Each player recieves 3 Empire of War Booster packs

The Star Wars Destiny Empire at War launch kit will be given away as prize support, which includes 3 different alternate-art promo cards (multiples of each) and 12 exclusive Mission Brief Cards.
Additional prizes added dependent on numbers.

The event will work as follows;
Each player will need to bring their own Destiny deck(s) or purchase a 2-player starter set. During the event players have the chance to upgrade their deck with brand-new cards. Besides that, you will receive a Mission Brief card . You can then play pick-up games against any players you wish and each player can work towards completing the 3 Missions on the tracker in order to receive the different alt-art cards.

Each time a player completes an achievement they can mark it off on the tracker before seeing the TO in order to collect their prize.


Sep 15 2017


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