Star Wars X-Wing League at Comic Quest New Format , More Prizes

The Evansville Star Wars X-Wing League meets every Thursday at Comic Quest. With the new year comes changes to how league is done and how prizes are done..

The group has certain missions and other unique formats during certain periods so you will need to check with the league.

Entry fee is $1.00

Prizes awarded after each period. Specific periods run for 6-week periods.

Here is how the new format works..

Each week for 6 weeks Squad points change..
Week #1 -50 Pts Team
Week #2 -75 Pts Team
Week #3 -100 Pts Team
Week #4 -125 Pts Team
Week #5 -150 Pts Team
Week #6 -175 Pts Team

At the end of each 6 weeks 1 OP kit is used as prizes suppoort.

Next all the total amount of entry fee that has been paid for the 6 weeks will be given out as 2 x store credit prices. That is correct the total amount given to the Top 2 Players. So for example if in the period we took in $70.00 then 1st Place Spector would win $50.00of it and 2nd place would win $20.00 of it to be used on anything in the store at anytime they want to use it. They can use a little at a time or save it and spend it whenever they winners want… So it is double win… The OP Kit prizes and the store credit prizes. Join us and be a part of the new year Star Wars X-Wing League..


Jan 25 2018


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