Your Privacy

At Comic Quest, we believe that the degree of privacy you have online should be identical to the level of privacy you would expect in your very own home.

Just like you, we’ve gotten SPAM (unwanted email from advertisers).

Just like you, we’ve felt a bit uneasy giving out lots of private information.

And just like you, we’ve wondered why THEY need all that private information.

Here is how we use your information and how we protect it from prying eyes:

Joining Our Mailing List
When you join our mailing list (either in store or on the website), we ask you for your email address. We DO NOT and WILL NEVER sell your email address to anyone, we don’t even know how to do that. You have complete control on how your email address is used at Comic Quest.  You can join or choose to leave the mailing list at any time.

While Comic Quest will never sell your personal information to an outside company, we may use it to contact you in case of a problem or to update you on the status of an order.

If, at any time, you prefer that Comic Quest not use your personal information, please contact us and we will remove this information from our data files. Please note: Sales Invoices will remain in our company database, and a printed copy remains on file to maintain company records for inventory audits.

For questions or concerns about your online privacy send email via our contact form.