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As many of you who have been in the store recently already know, Comic Quest is moving after being at our current location for over 21 years. We are moving to a bigger, brighter, cleaner location at 8401 N. Kentucky Avenue with a zip of 47725. We believe we will be open on Wednesday March 30th to accomodate New Comics Day for that week. As you can imagine, moving such a large retail store that has been at one location for over 21 years is quite the undertaking. We apologize for taking so long to confirm our new location but process of finding the right location was harrowing as we went from one possibility to another. We were two days from signing a lease at one location before we became aware of this final location on North 41...

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All of the industry changes recently: DC breaking away from Diamond Distributors and Marvel decided to be distributed by Penguin-Random House, has brought about more work for us at the store. One of the elements of running the store that has suffered is the weekly newsletter. I , Jim Jones, President and owner of CQ, have found it increasingly difficult to order from three distributors for comics/trades, receive three orders a week from three distributors each week and still do the weekly newsletter. I have no doubt that the newsletter will return at some point in some form but putting it together now requires more work than every before. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you can find other ways to see the shipping lists of Marvel, DC and other comic book publishers on the web...

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Comic Quest shipment for 8/3/21!

We have just been informed that our weekly comic book shipment will be 24 hours late this week.We hope to receive our shipment sometime Wednesday morning, but that is not guaranteed. We would anticipate comics/toys etc being available and in pull and hold files by about 1pm.  Thank you for your understanding.  Jim Jones, President


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