As mentioned in our Monday update this week, Diamond Comics has suspended weekly shipments of comics and other merchandise for the foreseeable future. We will keep you updated regarding the industry’s response to society’s attempts to socially distant ourselves to flatten our country’s infection rate. Comic Quest is closed but we are planning ways to maintain our ability to remain open during this crisis and pick up where we left off when the State of Indiana and Diamond Comics both come back online. We will continue to do curbside service and mail order. Staff is in the store a number of hours Wednesday through Sunday. Wednesday through Saturday you can usually reach someone from 9am to about 11:30. Saturday and Sunday we may be available a bit more working on various projects. If you want to pick up your file just call our phone or e-mail and schedule an appointment to do so. We are allowing one customer at a time to pick up books or shop our racks if you have scheduled an appointment. We have been mailing out packages almost every day since the quarantine began. We have been appreciative of so many customers being willing to support us during this difficult time.

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Today, we are announcing a gift card promotion whereby you arrange the purchase of a gift certificate, for any amount, and we will add 20 percent onto the gift certificate, hold the gift certificate at the store and present it to you when we are able to open. This is similar to our Christmas gift certificate promotion every year. Again, we wish you all to stay safe and look forward to the day that we can return to business as normal.

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On a positive note…

CQ is not resting…we are using this closure to improve our retail environment. We are working on ceiling lights, cleaning our floors, putting up new signage, refixturing our trade-paperback area and our vintage comic book areas. We have removed the arcade and we are setting up our new liquidation room that will house our liquidated toys, comics and role-playing games.

We can’t wait to show you our new and improved CQ store!

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We hope to see you soon at CQ!

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