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Hi everybody…again…no new comics this week but we are listening to Diamond Comics and our the State of Indiana about re-opening plans and be assured we will follow all recommendations when the time comes to open our doors again. We are sort of expecting a mid-May re-opening but a lot depends upon practicing safe policies as laid out by the State and Diamond Comics’ readiness to start the supply of new comics again.

You folks are going to read a lot about DC Comics and Diamond Comic Distributors (where we order my comics) on the comic sites. You can ignore most of it. DC has come up with a plan to use other means to ship comics to shops until Diamond re-opens.

What does this mean? It means you might see some DC Comics being offered thru a few mail order places or at a few shops that open up earlier than us. It makes no sense (at this time) for me to order DC Comics thru other sources. We have been dealing with Diamond for 24 years and they do a great job of being our go to source for comics, toys and trades.

If you get DC Comics from us we still be putting your titles aside for you (if you’re a subscriber) and you won’t miss an issue. We will also have rack copies of those DC Comics when we re-open.

We are sticking with Diamond. Diamond is ramping up again and it looks like they will start shipping comics again in mid-May (ish). This situation is very fluid so I’d suggest spending your time worrying about other things until this plays out.


“I’d like to thank each and every one of our customers no matter how regular you were. You made my days better every time I saw you and helped you. I feel like I’ve made a lot of genuine friendships through the store and I hope to see you all again. Stay safe!”
   Logan and Whitney will be re-locating to Bloomington Indiana but Logan assures us he will be back for some special events like FCBD, MTG pre-releases etc.
    We want to thank Logan for his hard work and dedication in bringing service with a smile to our CQ customers. We are going to miss you!
Real Estate Memes - The Marketing Desks

We want to show you pictures of all the changes we are making to the store but alas…when you fix one area…another blows up. We are 85 percent finished moving all of our trade-paperbacks(maybe we can show pics or a video of those changes by next week) so it is on to moving the vintage back issue area, all of the board games and role-playing games and the kids area. We are building a new wall, hanging two new signs and just trying to improve the look of the place.

ADDITIONALLY - close-up of grungy vintage typeset word on metal ...

If anyone wants their pull and hold mailed to them…or want to do curbside pickup just e-mail us at We will probably not be in the store too much through the 30th but expect more coverage afterwards.